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Our Services

neighborhoodAlthough each association differs in size and maintenance needs, our services generally include the following for each property:


  • Collect all dues, fees, or and assessments owed to the association.
  • Provide the Association with monthly financial reports.
  • Assist the Board in preparing the annual budget and distribute the proposal to the members.
  • Attend the Board meetings and present all financial statements.
  • Review, process, and remit payments for all association obligations.
  • Arrange for an annual audit to be preformed by a local CPA.
  • Handle all correspondence and other business matters of the association.
  • Help organize and attend the annual meeting of the association.
  • Negotiate and manage all contracts with vendors servicing the association.
  • Confer with other professionals on matters which require specific attention. (i.e. engineers, architects, inspectors, lawyers, etc.)
  • Respond to the member’s problems and questions and report unusual circumstances to the Board of Directors.
  • Maintain all common area and make repairs as needed.
  • Property and liability insurance coordination On-site inspections and supervision of maintenance


Condominium Management is a complex matter. Please contact us if you are considering a change in management. We will evaluate your property and your specific management needs.