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About BC Parker

B.C. Parker Real Estate is located at 407 South Broad Street in Burlington, North Carolina. We have been in business since 1953.

building-enterance455x230The Legacy and BC Parker Experience


The principles upon which B.C. Parker started his business in 1953 were simple. With his endless passion for real estate, B.C. Parker believed in service to the community deeply rooted in his tradition of commitment to serving the greater good.


The introduction of Legacy Association Management means a continuation of the spirit of B.C. Parker. As B.C. Parker said when he was starting the business in 1953, we are “a new company, honest, willing to work…let this energy and enthusiasm go to work for you”.


Since 1975, B.C. Parker Real Estate has developed a unique management system which focuses solely on property management. We realize that each property association has its own set of unique needs. We stand ready to meet those needs with a unique management plan.
There is an unspoken sense of dignity and honor coupled with our management services. We are committed to our clients, our customer, and our communities. You can feel our passion if you give us a call. We can’t wait to meet our next community!